Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Purpose of websites

Website Name:
Why visit it?
   People visit Netflix to stream movies and show relatively effortlessly.
Why was it made?
   Netflix was first created because the creator got a late fee from blockbuster, and saw an opportunity to make the movie industry more accessible and fair. 

Website Name:
Why visit it?
   Ebay is an auction site in which millions of people post belongings for sale. Other people will then bid on the belongings of other people, and if they have the highest bid, will receive the item in the mail.
Why was it made?
   Ebay was first created for collectors to buy and sell pez dispensers, and the founder actually began Ebay as a favor to his girlfriend who was an avid pez dispenser collector. He had no idea it would blow up until people started putting random items up, and kept going.

Website Name:
Why visit it?
   Reddit is a site in which members can post links and pictures, and have other people up vote or down vote.
Why was it made?
   Reddit was made because the creators wanted the world to suck less. At first this was going to be a sandwich ordering system but instead they created the front page of the web

Julia's Website
Purpose for creator:
   Julia's purpose for creating her website would be to receive feedback, and try new dishes. She would post her own recipes, and users would give positive or negative feedback, this caused Julia to experiment more in her cooking. 
Purpose for users:
   The purpose for users would be to learn new recipes, and help out Julia by leaving feedback. They would use Julia's recipes themselves and decide for themselves if it was good or not, and would then leave feedback on Julia's page. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Caterpillar Trinket


1. Which of the following can be represented in a binary state? Choose 2 answers.
a. A Power Supply
b. Voting on a House Bill
c. A Byte of Data
d. A Trend
A power supply is in a binary state because it is either on or off. Voting on a house bill is not a binary state because there are more than two options, you can vote yes or no but you can also abstain. A byte of data is binary because it is either on or off. A trend can't be binary because it is always changing in unpredictable ways.

Cable Questions

1. How many ways are there of measuring a cable's capacity?

2. How many cables break each year?

3. When a cable is not used anymore it is just left at the bottom of the ocean.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Finance Terms

Annual Fee- An annual fee is a automatically charged fee that is charged yearly to a credit card, usually for the benefits
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)- This the rate charged to borrow money, always expressed in a percentage of the money borrowed
Credit Line- The credit line of a card is simply the amount of money that can be charged to a credit card
Cash Back/Rewards- This is what some companies have, it is when they pay back the customer a small percentage of what they have spent. This does not always have to be money sometimes it is points that can be used towards other rewards, such a flier miles.
Balance- The balance is the amount of money in a given account.
Minimum Payment- The minimum payment is the least amount a person can pay, usually per month, on a credit card.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I read the following article about microchips in humans: https://news.virginia.edu/content/cool-or-creepy-human-implanted-microchips-are-here
After reading this article I have come to the conclusion that similar to just about all new technology it is controversial. There are of course pros and cons to inserting microchips in humans. Some pros are: convenience, safety, and identification.Some cons are: long term health concerns, privacy, and removal of the chips.
Microchips have been around for some time now, and are now only beginning to be used in humans. People are wary of allowing a microchip to be inserted under their skin, and rightfully so, but forget that the phone they constantly have on them performs the same functions. Like other new technologies when they first emerge microchips are a scary piece of metal to many; this will soon change as people get used to it. This always seems to happen as new and better technologies arise around the world. The most recent example is when smartphones started coming around. People at first thought their privacy would be violated and that it was a "big brother" type of device. This quickly changed once people realized that the benefits outweigh the inconveniences. This will most certainly happen with microchips, even if it does take longer simply because it is actually inserting a device under the skin.